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" creative mind just doesn’t always like the beaten path."

Maybe I should have started by saying something like: “Jonathan was born in 1983 in The Netherlands. His first talent was drawing of which he long thought he’d make a career of, but it ended up being Music…”. And it’s probably more standard to write all this in the third person to be more consistent with what the World expects, but my creative mind just doesn’t always like the beaten path.

Can we be creative all the time? Well, it sure is difficult if you think it only means having a light-bulb-above-your-head-moment. Creative ideas can be stimulated, by using creative tools and methods. I have incorporated some into my approach towards music, thus a basic musical idea is made fairly quickly. Most of my time will be sculpting audio, working days on little details that most people won’t even hear and mixing. Sometimes jointly with other audiophiles, who will have a different perspective and might bring the product closer to done.

My focus is to reach the masses by supplying great artists with quality productions. The ultimate goal being to give back what I have learned. To encourage people that have dreams, cause I know it’s hard to make them come true. If it was easy, it probably wasn’t a dream. I want to set an example and be an inspiration by completing my journey and perform: “We started from the bottom, now we’re here” for the youth of which they will most likely think is way too old school by then.


Jonathan Rufino Ramos
Jonathan Rufino Ramos
Producer | Songwriter
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Kim Braes
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