The one and only: Perquisite!

I went to Amsterdam on Tuesday to meet one of my favorite Dutch producers: Perquisite (Pieter Perquin)! If you live in The Netherlands, you’ve probably heard his music through the Karwei commercials were they used the tune of “Mystery Repeats”. Besides being a composer/producer he runs his own label: Unexpected Records since 2001 and is a board member of Buma/Stemra[…]

Brainstorming with Nina Valkhoff

What I thought would be a short meeting ended up lasting 5 hours! I don’t like meetings, but when it’s about creating fresh inspiring stuff like we discussed: I totally lose track of time! Nina Valkhoff is a painter and photographer. It’s impossible to call her talented, it’s beyond that. About 15 years ago in highschool I was[…]

In the studio with: LNY TNZ

I’ve been working a while with Jan Stadhouders and Mitchell Vreeswijk, better known as LNY TNZ and yesterday evening was another session laying down chords and melody’s. I felt their new studio vibe: amazing atmosphere. Incredible place to be creative. I’m a sucker for lighting, probably not the only one who is :-)? And I got to hear some[…]

Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016 (#ESNS16)

On Saturday January the 16th I went to the conference at Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen. Got some new insights on how streaming works. Still don’t get it, but it has triggered me to look into it more closely. There’s really still a lot to be learned on that matter. One of the things artists should[…]

Broederliefde studio session with Ramillion

  Last night I had a inspiring session with Broederliefde and Ramillion. This time all the way down in Zeeland (a very dark place to visit at night time…). The guys rented a house to work on their new tracks. Ramillion had layed down vibes and I was asked to play a couple of guitar lines which they were bouncing their[…]

2016: New Year’s resolution

More than a week gone in 2016 and continuing where I left off in 2015: creating music and connecting with great people. I met producer Ramillion this week. Great guy, he did some amazing tracks in the past and has great passion for music. He’s currently signed by Warner and he’s setting up a new studio to work[…]

Music for Dutch TV program : Clubhuis 16

Today will be the first episode of Clubhuis 16 hosted by Filomon Wesselink, a weekly television program focussing on Dutch top athletes for which I proudly got to create the leader for! The show will feature special sport reports presented by well-known reporters: Stijn vanVliet (Streetlab), Lars Gierveld (Rambam) and Dennis van de Ven (Draadstaal).[…]

New website

I’m currently working on my new website. I’ve used a WordPress template as the basis. Looking for more interaction between the users and my website. Almost done, still some things to add though. Aiming at putting it online within a week. Having some problems getting thumbnails for news to show. And some other design stuff[…]