Brainstorming with Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff and Rufino

Nina Valkhoff and Rufino

What I thought would be a short meeting ended up lasting 5 hours! I don’t like meetings, but when it’s about creating fresh inspiring stuff like we discussed: I totally lose track of time! Nina Valkhoff is a painter and photographer. It’s impossible to call her talented, it’s beyond that. About 15 years ago in highschool I was already impressed with her artistic skills: opening drawers where her paintings and drawings were, I’d glance and think: “how….?”. Since then she has done a lot: illustrations, paintings, photography and I believe her biggest passion : mural paintings. Knowing she possesses this gift, I;ve been walking around with this idea of which I’m not  telling! Sorry… But it involved getting her on it. Idea was kinda vague before chatting with Nina, so I wanted to do a brainstorming session to see if we could match music and visuals. As said: we ended up sitting in a café for 5 hours coming up with brilliant stuff. We now have a vision that I believe will become reality. Exciting!

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