Broederliefde studio session with Ramillion


Last night I had a inspiring session with Broederliefde and Ramillion. This time all the way down in Zeeland (a very dark place to visit at night time…). The guys rented a house to work on their new tracks.

Zeeland... Very dark at night

Zeeland… Very dark at night

Ramillion had layed down vibes and I was asked to play a couple of guitar lines which they were bouncing their heads to afterwards. Positive it’ll all sound great when done. The tracks they were working on all had some kind of African influence to them. Either the guitar sound and/or the rhythm of the track had some kind of African feel. Probably something in our blood that makes us go back to our roots. Inspiring to see how these guys tried to up their creativity: get away from everything, work all day, relax when needed (but impossible because there’s always music banging through the house), let the music inspire you, dance to it, feel it, flow a bit, sing some gibberish, write some lyrics, record a bit… Nice and flowy (#johnkavanagh).


After the job was done for two amazing productions by Ramillion, I got the chance to let Broederliefde hear some of my productions. Judging by their reactions, they loved two of three tracks. Time will tell if those will be used.

The house the guys had rented to do their work… (In the front: the ghost of Ramillion…. )