Eurosonic Noorderslag 2016 (#ESNS16)

On Saturday January the 16th I went to the conference at Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen. Got some new insights on how streaming works. Still don’t get it, but it has triggered me to look into it more closely. There’s really still a lot to be learned on that matter. One of the things artists should consider is thinking about this new domain when negotiating with record labels. As Peter Perquin (know by his producer name “Perquisite” and panel member on that given day for Buma/Stemra) explained: “artists should get 50% or more of the royalties made by streaming their content”. He also said you should consider dropping your older songs on Spotify, Deezer or other streaming services. Why? Well, you can still make some on them by streaming. He was still getting around € 100,- every month for one of his older productions. He also explained that the business has changed. It used to be: get your album out and let’s hope it sells quickly. It’s now more a long term kind of thing. While it’s streaming, you’re making money and it just takes more time as people will listen when they want to listen. A shift in our way of thinking.

Claude Ciza

Claude Ciza

I also got to hang out with Claude Ciza. He will be participating in the Nile Project as an artist in 2016. “The Nile Project is transforming the Nile conflict by inspiring, educating and empowering an international network of university students to cultivate the sustainability of their ecosystem.” I will definitely be checking this international project out. Also looking forward to meet Claude again. Energetic and uplifting person to be around. Check out his website for more info. Besides meeting Claude I got to exchange some business cards with fellow musicians who are doing nice stuff. Always good to hear what others are up to and I’ll be working with some in the future.

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