In the studio with: Safi

<em>Rufino and Safi</em>

Rufino and Safi kickin’ it!













Wednesday (January the 13th), Safi (Sevi Geerts) and I entered the studio to do some work. Safi is a rapper from Belgium and well known there from the formation called Safi & Spreej. As the project he had started was still a secret one, I had kept these images and this story from public domain until now.

On the photos we were working on the groove and overall composition of the track now named “Broer”. I also played some extra guitar and bass to the humming ideas of Safi to fill in some parts of the song. Afterwards he took the track as it was and started writing. The week after the vocals were recorded in Belgium. The quality and speed (in that order yes) is what I like about Safi. Like I he really invests a lot of energy in quality. Open for criticism too, which isn’t easy to always just take (from my own perspective), but it’s essential to listen to all forms of it. Most of the time you’ll learn something. Always a pleasure to work with likeminded people!

Safi at the Studio, also notice the “Rufino” drawing he made near the keyboard. Talented guy in both music and art! And I have to say: “…, you just ain’t seen n-n-nothin’ yet”!