2016: New Year’s resolution

Jonathan Rufino Ramos

More than a week gone in 2016 and continuing where I left off in 2015: creating music and connecting with great people. I met producer Ramillion this week. Great guy, he did some amazing tracks in the past and has great passion for music. He’s currently signed by Warner and he’s setting up a new studio to work from. Last friday I got the chance to take a look and it definitely has two nice spaces to create good sounding rooms. You’ll positively hear more coming from him in the future! Also got to meet Raymond Stotijn, better known as “Postman” and know from the Hip Hop formation “Postmen” (yes, plural). Always have been a big fan of his (and their) music.  Also went for a visit at LNY TNZ‘s new studio, which features three separate rooms designed for production. Although they’re not finished yet, it has a nice energy already. I will be collaborating with both Ramillion and LNY TNZ in the months to come, expecting fresh sounding music as the outcome.


Rufino and Ramillion

I produced around 70 tracks last year, some of which we’ll be released this year. One being a collaboration with a talented young Dutch artist named: Karlijn Verhagen! Also tracks with Quincy (ex R&B group Secure) and Anthony Lobato. I will be working out a bunch, either the ones I believe in or ones artists would like to use. Furthermore I plan to create 50+ tracks and get them to be used for TV, commercials, film and of course: artists. Exciting times as I feel I’m closing in on fulfilling a dream.


Jamming at the piano. Rufino, Anthony Lobato and Almar Nooitmeer (ex pianist Sabrina Starke)