The one and only: Perquisite!

Rufino and Perquisite in Amsterdam.

I went to Amsterdam on Tuesday to meet one of my favorite Dutch producers: Perquisite (Pieter Perquin)! If you live in The Netherlands, you’ve probably heard his music through the Karwei commercials were they used the tune of “Mystery Repeats”. Besides being a composer/producer he runs his own label: Unexpected Records since 2001 and is a board member of Buma/Stemra since 2013.

Perquisite is currently working with an artist called Jeangu Macrooy. Because of the lack of time he only played one of Jeangu’s tracks which was enough to blow me away! I’m not going to describe how good it all sounded! You should come and check out Jeangu Macrooy’s EP release show in April (click on the link).

Besides that Perquisite listened to a bunch of my productions I made last year and we briefly talked about collaborating in the future. Excited and looking forward in doing so! And again: Jeangu Macrooy!!

Unfortunately this day was shook by terrorist attacks in Brussels. As I have some friends and artists living in Belgium I immediately contacted them to check If everything was ok with them and their friends and loved ones. Luckily they were safe, but how horrible it must be for the families of the victims. When does this shit stop…